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Subject:   student e-mail
Author: Susan
Date: Mar 19 2003
See my reference to TeacherWeb.  The other thing that I do is ask my students
and parents to e-mail me so that I can copy their e mail addresses into a
distribution lists.  I keep two lists, one for students and one for parents.
This way I can send reminders and updates to all students and/or parents very
quickly. Parents appreciate a "heads up" on future tests or when grade reports
will be arriving.   Sometimes, I'll put some "secret information" in the
e-mail, like a solution to a problem on the next day's test, or I will give
bonus points to the first 20 people that e-mail me after I e-mail them with
information...this keeps them reading and checking, plus, it's fun!  You
wouldn't believe how fast they talk to each other when you do this...the IM
grapevine works amazingly fast!

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