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Subject:   Online campus
Author: Susan
Date: Mar 21 2003
Our school district is offering 15 classes online this year.  The math classes
are Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II.  I am teaching the Algebra II class
online, as well as writing it.  We are using a Blackboard platform.  Since we
are such a big district we have lots of kids that don't "fit" in the regular
school program, so those students comprise our online population.  I have four
eighth graders in the Algebra II class (they don't want to travel to a high
school), three students who are homebound because of serious illnesses, two home
schooled students, one emotionally disturbed (but gifted) student, and now I
have a bunch of seniors who are trying their best at their last attempt to pass
the class.  So I have a little bit of everything.  It's an experience!  I would
be very interested in seeing any other online math courses that anyone knows

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