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Subject:   software
Author: Bill Slocum
Date: Mar 24 2003
I teach 7/8 math in California, and I'm always looking for software that will
fit into the state standards & exams and fit into the budget.  I've been
enlightened by the links on Suzanne's page, and I've already started using some
of the programs with my students.  Thanks Suzanne!

Listed here are some of the programs I've found useful or at least

The ESCOT programs,
(Glencoe has self-test assessment tools for every lesson and every chapter of
their Prealgebra book.)

Graphing Calculator in every PowerMac
spreadsheets (AppleWorks or Excel) (software accompanies MMAP study units.)
The old 'MathBlaster' and Algeblaster
Software that comes with the textbooks (McDougallittel  and Glencoe)
FREEWARE AND SHAREWARE (found at AOL,, google,,
etc.) including (several free programs and a CD with 250 programs
for a $100 site license.)
Frankenstein's Helper (works best on older Macs)

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