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Topic: Round 2, Topic 2: Increase Effectiveness

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Subject:   RE: Increasing Effectiveness
Author: Suzanne
Date: Mar 24 2003
Hi Craig,

Yes, your idea of "vignettes" is what we have named Stories. We think of it as a
way that teachers can describe in journal form (or story form!) what happened in
their classroom when they tried a tool or lesson or activity.

It is inactive but it's one resource that we're hoping to have folks like you
seed once we're ready! We've been working on creating a page that will be simple
to use and that will generate a Web page (painlessly) for these stories.

It might also be the case, of course, that folks point us to their site where
they have posted stories. An example is what Varnelle Moore and I have been
working on to go along with her Primary Activities. We're calling them journals
but they are one example of how this type of resource might look:

In fact once we "open" one of the primary level courses we'll be able to add
Varnelle's journals to the library along with her lessons and student


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