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Topic: Round 2, Topic 2: Increase Effectiveness

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Subject:   "shorts"
Author: gayla
Date: Mar 26 2003
Something you might consider would be to have a group of "shorts", i.e., lesson
plans/ideas that can be addressed in glimpses.  For instance, I think of a
classroom learning experience as a documentary where ideas are addressed over
time, which is good, but sometimes it is not possible.  

If you were to have some "shorts", a few things that could be quickly presented,
maybe it would be useful to teachers, it would be useful to me, and it might be
useful to a homeschooling audience.  I can't think right now of what these
things might be or how you might do it, this is merely to throw out an idea.

One of the hardest things that I've had to do is to translate very good
information from a three-week fractal institute for teachers into one-hour
encounters before groups.  At first, it seemed impossible, and I almost gave up.

It could be a way to reach a broad(er) audience.

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