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Topic: Round 2, Topic 2: Increase Effectiveness

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Subject:   your idea
Author: gayla
Date: Mar 27 2003
sounds very interesting!  :-)  

Irrespective of the surrounding controversy, a lot of home schooling is going
on, and there is surely a great deal of internet access going on for
homeschooling lessons.  My site is being accessed by the California LDS
homeschooling site (my site is young and small, there aren't many links to it
yet).  One problem with the internet is that there isn't really any
accountability, and so a lot of information out there is bad, and how does a
person who is not an expert in a subject discern what information is good?
Personally, I am very easily misled, and have to use considerable caution, even
with regard to math.  

This is one reason that I think places like the Math Forum whose credibility can
be verified needs to (as opposed to ought to, I am not implying an ethical
obligation or moral responsibility here) provide information accessible to
homeschoolers, by way of "shorts" or "glimpses" as I referred to yesterday, or
an outline as you have suggested in your message.  

I looked at some of the sites, well, here is the link: .  There are some great links on here,
and I haven't examined each of them closely, but I've looked at the Disaster
Math page (put out by FEMA, it's neat), and a few others, and my impression is
that they are aiming for simplicity, based on a very precursory overview.  What
would be more credible is to simply contact them and ASK them what is their
criteria, what are they looking for, how did they go about determining their
criteria, that kind of thing.

That is more or less where I was coming from with the idea of the "shorts".  Not
so much to "target" math learning outside the traditional classroom, rather to
keep them in mind and try to include them when possible.  Saying this, I should
qualify that I do not know any homeschoolers personally or how they feel about
what is available on the internet, how they decide what sites to trust.  This is
already very likely already a consideration of the Math Forum.  

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