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Topic: Round 2, Topic 2: Increase Effectiveness

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Subject:   visual stories? (video stories?)
Author: Andy
Date: Mar 27 2003
Any chance of allowing / making room for images in the stories section of the
site?  I find it helpful to see kids at work in other classrooms -- as well as
being able to see the classrooms themselves (set up, walls, etc).

Any drive space for selected video shorts of teachers doing great lessons with
technology??  A small collection could serve as a sort of digital mentor.

"They" say that teaching is the loneliest job you do in front of a room full of
people.  I always find it helpful just to watch how other teachers do things /
manage classroom / coach students etc.

MathTools could approach this from two perspectives. First- the technology of
digital images and video have huge potential for prof development.
Additionally, however, these could highlight exemplary teaching of
tech-enhanced math, which is an arena in which many of us, regardless of years
in the classroom, are **new teachers.**

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