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Subject:   your primary activities
Author: gayla
Date: Mar 27 2003
Hi Bonnie,

So, are these your pages, and all of your lesson plans with children?  If they
are, are these lesson plans of your own development, and I am curious to know
what inspired you to take this direct approach to math topics with children.

For my part, I fell into it, had made a set of Sierpinski tetrahedra and put
them in the math meeting room.  It was the first set I ever built, a four color
Level Four family, made of regular-weight copy paper.  But the mathematicians
got so excited about them.  They were so excited about them they were acting
like little kids, and I thought, gee, if mathematicians are acting like
preschoolers around the tetrahedrons, what would happen if I put them in from of
preschoolers?  I called the college of education preschool, we tried it, the
preschoolers loved them, and that is how it started.  

What got you on this track?

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