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Topic: connecting research and teaching

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Subject:   capsules
Author: grc
Date: Mar 29 2003
You might have capsules, to include abstracts, also hyperlinks to different
areas on your site pertaining to that research (that could serve as personal
empirical tests or thought experiments).  Visitors could read about a research
topic and then go to that main topic.  

Looking at trees is new experience after learning about fractal branching.  If a
researcher is presenting a different train of thought on a familiar topic,
revisiting the topic in the moments of considering the researcher's angle could
be like walking into a picture, revisiting the topic in their eyes.  And it
might be good to use your own site in a self-contained way in these capsules.

In the capsules, you might include links to you discussion groups that pertain
to these issues, so that you could get first impressions.  You might ask them to
return and give impressions over time as well.  Because once a person receives
information, often the way they feel about it changes over time.  If it's
discarded, it's probably discarded right away.  If it sticks around and gets
mulled over there should be changes over time.  

Or you could let each capsule have it's own discussion group, in which case it
would probably be good to have more than an abstract available to read, like you
did with that report that is referenced in one of the questions, to make room
for more detailed comment.  In all cases it would be nice to have more than an
abstract, for instance, an abstract and an outline would be nice, or an abstract
and the topic sentences from every paragraph in the article.  

You might offer up some thought experiments, not that require work or that would
cut into a schedule, things that could just simmer in the back of someone's mind
while carrying on with life as usual.

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