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Topic: traditional vs. nontraditional classroom

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Subject:   Reproducible results needed
Author: Alice
Date: Mar 29 2003
To quote the research on education:

"The prevailing view is that findings from education research studies are of low
quality and are endlessly contested-the result of which is that no consensus
emerges about anything.(p28)"

One thing about high quality research is that results have to be repoducible
repeatedly over time. Just about any ed. research I have tried is not. People
seem to be able to use educational statistics to prove just about anything they
want to prove.

Math Forum has the capability to end that problem by publishing results from
many teachers around the country on the same method over time. We can see trends
and patterns that way.

That's what we learned from the TIMSS report. Teachers in Singapore and Japan
work together to perfect a procedure or method for teaching, and then use it and
see if it works. Then they correct it and tweak it till it is better.

I've used the Singapore Math books for Algebra and Geometry and they are well

We have an even larger group of volunteer teachers to compare with, here,in
cyber space.

We can write our own "books" for other teachers to use.(Or adapt the ones from
Singapore with their permission!)

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