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Subject:   deleting messages
Author: George Reese
Date: Mar 30 2003
I will check this out. It may be that a listserv is a better way to keep track
of this than a message board.

I know what you mean about throwing ideas out there. This should be a safe place
(as much as possible given it's a public forum) to put out ideas with the
understanding that they aren't vetted or edited firt.
I'll talk about it with the MathTools people.

On Mar 28, 2003, gayla wrote:

I would really really like to make contributions to certain parts of this
discussion, but is there a way to make a contribution, and if someone lights on
it right away, within an hour say, or a day, you would keep it up, but if it
didn't add to the conversation in a way that perpetuated the conversation, it
could be considered dead weight and be let to drift away, i.e., zapped, or put
in some kind of inactive archive?  Ideas could keep being replaced by new ideas,
or they could circulate and resurface intermittently, randomly.  Maybe
contributions could be given off/on properties, weighted so you can control the
number and types of entries displayed at any given time to ensure that one type
of entry doesn't overwhelm another, or the entries by one person aren't present
in large number even if they have made a large number of contributions as I have
today, which might discourage contributions from other people.  It would keep
the board in an active, changing state.  

Please please please would you be willing to  delete this entry after a
reasonably short period of time?  I am not comfortable with talking about ideas,
throwing something out and then just having it sit there.  Ideas should be like
a balloon filled with air, they should be let loose, to float freely away, and
if someone happens to catch them before they have escaped grasp, that is fine,
that would be the test, but otherwise they should be allowed to float away until
they finally disappear, are forgotten and replaced by new ideas.

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