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Subject:   pollywogs, young elementary grades?
Author: gayla
Date: Mar 31 2003
Looking up images and sites about pollywogs this evening on the internet, I ran
across this Intel employee instruction website giving instructions on how to
proceed with their frog education program and an accompanying exhibit they
sponsor at a local zoo.  Here is the url:

It's not long, and it's well-written, really quite striking.  They have a
classroom event where frogs are studied, then a field-trip to the zoo where
pictures are taken at Intel's frog exhibit.  Later, perhaps back in the
classroom ...someplace, they have the children paint murals of frogs in their
natural environments.  It's GREAT!

Just in case someone reads this who doesn't know what a pollywog is (which was
the case with a friend from Australia tonight, they probably have a different
name for them there), it is a kind of prefrog stage in the life of a baby frog,
and here is a good picture:

I've contacted Intel to see if they're still running this program.  One would
expect that they would be using their education program(s) to do interesting
things with technology as well.  

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