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Topic: More on homeschooling

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Subject:   same
Author: gayla
Date: Mar 31 2003
Hi Suzanne,

Congratulations on your beautiful family, I saw the picture but didn't put a
link to that url.  It's easy to find from the link in my original message.  It
is uncommon, isn't it, to take children through homeschooling every year?  That
was quite an accomplishment!  How far, may I ask, did your boys go in math by
the time they finished your high school instruction, and BTW, at what point were
they in math in 7th and 8th grade?  Also, I am curious to know how much bleeding
there was from one grade level into the next?  Did you have overall goals for a
year that were met like clockwork, so progress was always steady and
predictable, or perhaps, well, I am wondering if there might have been a fractal
pattern to the learning process, if growth came in spurts, i.e., was allowed to
take a path that might have more closely simulated growth and change in

You must be so proud of your children, and of yourselves for educating them all
the way through school!  


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