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Subject:   online classes
Author: Cathi Sanders
Date: Apr 4 2003
Hi Susan,

Sorry I?m responding so late to your question ? our school had Spring Break last
week, and then quarter grades due today so I sort of "dropped out" of the
discussion for a while!

Regarding your question about "does anyone know about any online classes" ? I
have created and taught some mathematics classes for "E-School", which is part
of the Hawaii Dept. of Education. The first class is a full-year geometry
class at   and another one is called "MathArt
Connections, at
I taught both classes for a while, and now have moved on to creating a new class
called "MatheMagic", interesting applications of math in puzzles, optical
illusions, and magic tricks.

I love creating online classes, particularly the elective math classes. It took
a while for our students to "get the hang of it" but they are doing well

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