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Subject:   best practices
Author: Alice
Date: Apr 21 2003
I am very impressed with gene's comments. It would be wonderful if mathforum
could hasten the advance of software games that kids would reall chose to do in
their spare time time formatted as gene suggested.

If we put best practices for teaching together with x-box software, we could
have students do the brainstorming and reinvent the math at home in their spare
What an exciting time to be an educator!
One software program for practice of math is Quarter Mile. It has  racing games
where you can have competitions with others or with your previous scores.
That could be incorporated into a themed game.

One example,  there could be the realistic safari. Students first have to buy
supplies, keep within budget, etc and have to start over when they lose by
running out of something. Did they excape the elephant running at x miles per
hour while they ran at y for t minutes. How?
Math wouldn't have to be the only way to win. Programs would require critical
thinking skills across the curriculum.
Hey, we're designing virtual reality schools!

Maybe we could even include on line companions and competitors like in quarter

Then, schools would exist for real time meeting and companionship and clubs and
sports and all the physical things we do, while the internet teaches the core
My dreams for the future.

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