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Topic: February 2003: Question 3

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Subject:   Curric contestation
Author: JumpingTeddy
Date: May 3 2003
On Mar 07, 2003, Suzanne wrote:

Question 1: The report maintains that education is a "highly contested field."
What role can and should teachers play in determining the direction of research
in education? Will that make it a more or less contested field?

Please reply to this thread if you have a comment.

As with the curriculum framework, all areas of the curriculum are highly
contested. To my own reasoning and knowledge, it appears that whether you are
looking at subsets of Mathematics or other curric areas curriculum contestation
is alive and well. It all goes back to individual teachers values. and what that
teacher values as being worthwhile to implement in their classroom. As every
teachers values differ so will the approach applied, therefore on reflection on
this the direction of research will directly influence individual teacher values
and ideosyncracies. And as with all stats and data they can be manipulated to
show any result required, I do not hold much faith in stats. Most research to my
belief does not hold enough merit and is based only on 'funded research and is
often biased' Therefore a need to reinvent the wheel yourself: maybe use that as
a basis for your own research to see if it works with your own kids 'thus
supporting or refuting the concepts" I hope this helps: JumpingTeddy :-)

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