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Subject:   On-line materials
Author: tackweed
Date: May 4 2003
On Mar 18, 2003, Alice wrote:

It occurred to me that I could put it on my school web page and thus make it
available to all students, even if they don't have powerpoint or other software
at home. They could even access it from the public library.
How do others do this successfully?
How long do you leave lessons on?
What else should I be asking?

Obviously I am going to pick a shiney example, but I do similar things on a
weekly basis...

<a href=" "> One
week's lesson plan </a>

I found it was easier to answer the "how long" question by creating an archive -
which has the added benefit of being available for checking back to see what I
did previously...

Ultimately, I would like to integrate it all into a complete course but there
are currently too many pieces missing.

<a href=" "> My archives if you are

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