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Topic: February 2003: Question 3

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Subject:   Re: opinion gathering
Author: Suzanne
Date: May 5 2003
Hi, Gayla.

I agree with both you and Alice! but I hope I can explain some of why Math Tools
is starting out the way it is and also some of the plans that we have for the

We only launched the site in March and this first version that we've launched is
really just the tip of the iceberg. We invited folks that we knew to the
Roundtable Discussions just to get things started. The plan in time is
definitely to have a much wider representation of folks participating in using
the site as well as discussing, rating, reviewing, etc. It's just that right now
with so many things to work on we are concentrating on building things behind
the scenes!

I think as we grow and have the functionality for the site that we are planning,
more teachers will become involved through workshops or word-of-mouth and
then those folks will pass the news to other folks and before you know it we'll
have a very broad base of users just as we do for the full Math Forum site.

One positive thing that all of the current "roundtablers" can do is to pass the
word to someone else. I know that Art wrote asking about some software
suggestions for some teachers in his district and when I suggested that he let
us know how they liked the suggestions, he said that he was going to suggest
that they tell us! He referred to the old saying, "Try to teach them to fish..."

One thing that happens as you use that model, of course, is that it all takes a
little more time. It seems amazing, however, that in the short time that Math
Tools has been open, we've had a lot of good activity and lots of things to work

- Suzanne

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