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Topic: connecting research and teaching

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Subject:   Lower-order and higher-order
Author: Dave
Date: May 9 2003
The other day I ran across the Website:

which focuses on one computer classrooms. I spent about an hour browsing
the various references, and found very little relevant to math education.

I then went to Google and used the search term "one computer classroom"
math. The first site I looked at there was

It was an old Website, but got me to thinking about the lower-order versus
higher order knowledge and skills. It provided an example when most of the
higher-order seemed to be missing -- at least, not made obvious.

I am concerned about math tools in general. It tends to be easy to get
lower-order uses of the tools, and hard to use the tools as an aid to
advancing mathematical development and higher-order knowledge and skills.

I hope that you have someone looking at the tools (especially, how they are used
in the classrooms) from this point of view.

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