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Topic: Tuning Protocol

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Subject:   Tuning Protocol
Author: George
Date: May 19 2003
I hadn't heard of the tuning procedure before, but I looked up an article in
Educational Leadership from March 2002. The issue was about action research and
this particular article referred to the Tuning Protocol as coming from the
Essential Schools movement.

It seems to differ from lesson study in the focus is on the issues that the
teacher brings to the group rather than teachers observing their colleagues

On May 16, 2003, Varnelle wrote:

One procedure that invites collaboration among eductors is the Tuning Protocol.
Perhaps you've heard of it?
A teacher volunteers to present a brief overview of a lesson including the
results and expectations. The teacher also, states a problem that occured during
the lesson.  Student samples are examined by other teachers. Teachers provide
positive feedback and ask clarifying questions which are recorder by the
volunteer teacher.  At the end of the process, the teacher reflects on what was
said. So, the Tuning Protocol provides educators with specific tools for fine
tuning lessons and teaching practices.

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