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Subject:   Krause url
Author: grc
Date: May 29 2003
Hi Suzanne,  :-)

About that url, it needs to be corrected.  I did a whole copy, and whole paste,
but pasting somehow broke the link at the point of the hyphen, so the link
doesn't go anywhere.  Thank goodness this time it wasn't something I did.

I agree that these technology pages should be separately catalogued in
MathTools, independent of whether or not they are already on the Math Forum's
pages.  The thing about Krause's stuff is that it's not visibly apparent.  I had
looked at it before and it just looks a graphic sitting there, no big deal.  And
then, this time, I actually put the mouse on the graphic and started moving it
around.  Stunning stuff!

Do you think you could correct the way the url appears, so that it really goes
to his page with all those fabulous Live 3D graphics?

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