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Subject:   RE: Krause's pages
Author: Suzanne
Date: May 29 2003
Hi Gayla,

Yes, we have Martin Kraus' pages cataloged in the Math Forum Internet
Mathematics Library:

and I've added them to my growing list of tools to consider adding to the Math
Tools library! This might lead people to wonder why they would be in both

My thinking is that Kraus' applets are cataloged in general in our Library but
if we catalog them in the Math Tools library, we would want to have them aligned
to a topic(s) and course(s) . From what I can see there are no other resources
presently connected with these tools such as lessons, activities, or stories of
how to actually use them with students and if those were developed, teachers
might find them more useful.

I would be very interested to hear from folks about which of the tools in Kraus'
collection you might use with your teaching. What mathematical topic in your
curriculum does it address? How might you use it? Might you be interested in
trying one or more of them with students and then writing a story about what was
learned, etc.?


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