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Topic: February 2003: Question 3

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Subject:   Its in the relationships
Author: jduffin
Date: Jun 5 2003
What role can and should teachers play in determining the direction of research
in education?

Feuer, Towne, and Shavelson (2002) claim that "Educational research relies
critically on the relationships between researchers" and "teachers,
administrators, curriculum developers, university deans, school board members,
and a host of others. The educational research enterprise could not function
without these relationships, and its vitality depends in part on the willingness
of practitioners to participate in, or otherwise support research."

Teachers can support research by: (a) developing relationships with researchers,
(b) initiating research studies, (c) being willing to participate in research
studies, (d) becoming better consumers of research by reading and attempting to
apply more research.

Teachers can help determine the direction of research in education, by: (a)
working to develop consensus among teachers, or certain populations of teachers,
on what types of research questions they consider to be important, (b) making
these opinions heard to the policy makers and to the research community, (c)
helping to articulate what types of conditions and tools would make it easier
for them to help conduct research.

Feuer, Towne, & Shavelson (2002). Scientific culture and educational research.
Educational Researcher 31(8).

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