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Topic: Coin Problem Tool
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Subject:   Coin Problem - NS7 problem
Author: Joel Duffin
Date: Jun 26 2003

I'm sorry for the difficulty you are experiencing. The challenge with developing
Java applets is that the write once run everywhere simply isn't true. Until I
have tested the applet on a given operating system running within a given
browser, I can't guarantee that it will work there.

When the new NS browsers came out for Mac OS 9 and X, all I could see was
problems, so I didn't make much effort to get things running there. I'm willing
to look at it again.

What operating system are you running (9.2 or OS X)?

Once you respond with that information I will look into getting the Coin Problem
tool to run there.

In the meantime, if you view the applet in Internet Explorer it should work
without problem.


Joel Duffin
NLVM Developer

On Jun 25, 2003, John wrote:

I get a Null Exception error when trying to load this tool using Netscape 7 on a
Mac G4.  Any suggestions for a work around?

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