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Topic: Coin Problem Tool
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Subject:   Coin Problem Applet
Author: John Olive
Date: Jun 26 2003
On Jun 26, 2003, Joel Duffin wrote:


I'm sorry for the difficulty you are experiencing. The challenge with developing
Java applets is that the write once run everywhere simply isn't true. Until I
have tested the applet on a given operating system running within a given
browser, I can't guarantee that it will work there.

When the new NS browsers came out for Mac OS 9 and X, all I could see was
problems, so I didn't make much effort to get things running there. I'm willing
to look at it again.

What operating system are you running (9.2 or OS X)?


I am running under 9.2 but also have OS X on my iBook.  I have Explorer on both
machines so can check out your applett using IE.



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