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Topic: Authoring tool for mathlets

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Subject:   Thanks for pointing out the mistake.
Author: Joel Duffin
Date: Sep 5 2003
Yes, you are correct, I meant to refer to the UCSMP. As you point out, the
textbook links do not currently work. See the School, NCTM standard, or Library
links for ones that work.

My work with teachers indicates that they would like to be able to access
lessons using a variety of indexes. Most of the lessons I currently have to work
with are the ones on the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives which are
mathlet centric lessons as opposed to objective centric lessons (which I assume
are more useful to teachers). In addition I have those two lessons I pointed you
to in my previous post.

Indexing lessons a variety of ways is a interesting challenge. My current
approach is to index lessons according to the taxonomy of courses and topics
proposed in the Math Tools DL and then to map each of the categories for the
other indexes into those topics. I'm choosing that approach because it appears
that the Math Tools DL taxonomy is fairly comprehensive and the grain size of
the topics is so fine grained. Any suggestions are appreciated.

On Sep 05, 2003, John Olive wrote:


You reference a mathematics text series in your links as CMP.  I think you are
referring to the UCSMP (University of Chicago School Mathematics Project)series.
"CMP" is used as an acronym for the Connected Mathematics Project developed by a
group at Michigan State and published by Prentice Hall.

None of the links for the topics in the text series worked for me.

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