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Topic: "Graphing Calculator" Software

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Subject:   tentative plans
Author: Alice
Date: Sep 7 2003
Hi Gene et al,

I am teaching AP calculus for the first time this year. The last time I taught
calc was in 89 as an adjunct teacher in a SUNY college.(The first time was in 71
as a TA in an engineering school.)so I need to know how calculus approaches are
"reformed" now.

I am starting with limits,(Well actually, the first week, we reviewed trig.)

 and we are using Larsen, Hostledter and Edwards book Calculus, 6th edition.

I have a web site

on which I hope to have students click on a topic (indexed by CA standards,
thank you) to learn more.The links will be mostly to applets and tutorials from
this (Math Forum) site.

My plan:
We will be having a traveling computer cart of wireless laptops come to class
once per week for practice and enrichment so students  can work on what they
need most or explore new topics for enrichment.

Since most of my students are English language learners, we will also spend our
shortened class day (Wed)on vocabulary and review. Thus we will have 3 days per
week for new material, like in college.
(Previous POW's will be assigned for those who do not care to review)

Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I will follow this
discussion closely.

PS_ We have a mentor in my school who has taught the course many times before
and will be our math coach for the entire department:))))

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