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Topic: Teacher adoption and adaptation

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Subject:   Graphing calculators
Author: Susan
Date: Sep 10 2003
I don't have any research to offer, but I do have my own experience.  When the
TI-81 first emerged on the scene, Texas Instruments provided teacher training.
They had a vested interest in making sure that teachers knew how to use this
tool.  They have continued to offer teacher training and to support teachers in
every way that they can.  They also made sure that the trainers were teachers
from the classroom who could give very clear ideas about how this would fit into
the curriculum.  Unfortunately, the applets that can be found on the web are
often stand alone with no training or support to go with them.  There is no
marketplace motivation to change this situation and so everyone is on their own,
and things are really hit or miss.  I know that some sites are trying to change
this, including the Math Forum and, but at the moment, it's
all done for the common good by someone who donates their time, and has the
kindness to share.

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