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Topic: Is Math a very difficult degree???

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Subject:   difficulty of math
Author: Gayla
Date: Sep 17 2003
For my part, I found getting a degree in math a very difficult thing to do, and
had to resort to getting a B.A. instead of a B.S.  At ASU, a B.S. requires a few
more and harder classes than the B.A.  Although it was extremely difficult to
get through my classes, from both the applications and proof-writing ends, to
me it was worth the effort, because I loved the subject so very much, and still

If you have an aptitude for the subject, it can be an extraordinarily easy
degree to get.  One of our Statistics professors actually preferred biology to
mathematics, but she knew that regardless of her aptitude for the subject of
biology, or her intelligence, getting a degree in biology would require a lot of
time and work.  Math, on other hand, only required an ability to do the work,
which was easy for her, so she was able to get her degree while working full

If in addition to loving math, you have an aptitude for it, maybe the road will
be easy for you.  If like me, your aptitude is not so strong, yet you love the
subject enough, then maybe it will still be a good path for you.  Here is my
website, if you're interested:

Good luck, whatever you decide to do.  It is wonderful to hear your enthusiasm.

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