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Topic: Some Favorite Calculus Tools

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Subject:   Some Favorite Calculus Tools
Author: Ursula
Date: Sep 19 2003
I spent this summer cataloguing different web resources for the calculus section
of the Math Tools site. Here are various applets, Flash games, etc. that I
particularly liked.
Derivative Pong, Ralph Irons (Surfin' Sinefeld)
I enjoyed playing this calculus game (though some of the derivatives are hard!)
It might make a good form of drill, especially if students have access to
computers outside class.
Surfin' Powers of x
A cute way to see the connection between the derivative as a function and the
derivative as a tangent line.  (The music can be rather startling, though-- I
sometimes turn my sound off before looking at this site.)
Eggmath: Embryo Calculus
Doubling cells lead to exponential functions and their derivatives.  An
interesting application as well as some nicely focussed applets.
The MovingMan Project
This applet has an entire set of lessons and worksheets associated with it to
help students understand concepts of distance, velocity, and acceleration.

a href="
The Integrator
All the power of Mathematica behind your integrals!  I've often used this site
as a physics student.

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