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Topic: Arithmetic Facts

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Subject:   P.S.
Author: gayla
Date: Sep 22 2003
I looked up the website for the copyright variations.  Did not look thoroughly
enough to know if this is a working model, although, information was requested
and it LOOKED like it might be up and running...  Maybe it will catch on.

Glad you liked Gary Tonhouse's site.  :-)  Many of the pictures are stunning,
aren't they?

Finally, about the child that I referenced in the earlier posting, it wasn't
only impressions that she couldn't add.  I tried to work with her, on and off
the boards, she told me of her difficulties, her sister explained them.  What I
was told versus what I saw was consistent, ...until she was deftly drawing
pictures on the whiteboard while I was working with her older sister (we were
all three sitting at the kitchen table).  It was while she was absorbed intently
(or appeared to be) with drawing clouds and trees that she began verbally
answering questions from her sister's math lesson.  It was very strange, I
hadn't thought about it for a long time, and what reminded me of it was your
proposed experiment with your son and daughter.  If your children are where they
should be, even if what you do is pleasing, it might not carry the day for
greater mastery.  Or maybe they're already unimpeded and you'll stumble on
something that helps them go further faster.  But if one of the children is
stuck somewhere, trying different things can bring about unexpected results.  I
would say that what you are trying with these flash cards (I've never worked
with flash cards so have no prior frame of reference with them) is going to
leave the door open for their learning experiences with the cards to take
multiple paths, with no potential for damage.  I think what you're doing is a
good idea independent of how it turns out, whether it does or doesn't increase
their mastery of the facts.  Another thought is that whether or not it increases
speed in learning, it could increase retention, or their willingness to return
to the cards.  

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