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Topic: What I would like to see

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Subject:   What I would like to see
Author: Joel Duffin
Date: Sep 25 2003
This morning on my way to work I was thinking about what I would like to see
here. The following issues seem most pertinent to me: user interface design,
user centered design, cross platform issues, authoring tools for teachers, free
and open software, software reuse, and strengths of instructional software.
There lots already written about some of these and some written about all of
them. It would be nice to see this info referenced and discussed here.

User interface design What are the principles and processes can be followed
when designing user interfaces to increase their usability?

User centered design / action research / design research What processes can be
followed to put developers in contact with users to efficiently gather data to
inform their designs?

Cross platform issues What are the common problems that developers encounter
when trying to develop mathlets for multiple platforms? What are the ways that
developers often approach these problems?

Authoring tools for teachers What are the functionalities and characteristics
of authoring tools that are accessible by teachers?

Free and open software What are the different options available for licensing
software to and from others? What are the business models that the various
licensing support?

Software reuse What is out there that can be reused? What do mathlet
developers want to be able to reuse? What do people Where can I find software
that I can reuse? If I want to provide software that can be reused, what issues
should I consider?

Strengths of instructional software What are the strengths of instructional
software in general and for math specifically that can be taken advantage of?
(dynamic representations, linked representations, learner modeling,
instructional feedback, problem sequencing, automated testing, collaboration
over distances)

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