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Topic: Whole lessons versus building blocks

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Subject:   Do teachers want lessons or the building blocks?
Author: Joel Duffin
Date: Sep 26 2003
Yesterday in a discussion with an NSDL evaluator who is also an ElEd Prof., he
told me that research has shown that teachers would rather be given the parts
from which to build lessons, than pre-completed lessons. I have asked him for
more details about the claim and what data it is based on, but my experience
working with teachers has given evidence to that strongly contradicts that

At one point in my dissertation research, the overwhelming response from
teachers that they don't have time to create and adapt online lessons became
very depressing to me. I believe that this is a complex issue that is closely
intertwined with other issues such as the instructional medium and the teachers'
view of their identity and role.

What are your thoughts as a teacher? Which would rather have, a prepared lesson
(not a description of a lesson, but the actual materials to use such as black
line masters, manipulatives etc), or a catalogue of pieces (e.g. CDs full of
clip art, handouts, and worksheets) from which you can assemble lessons?

Does your answer change if we are talking about web based lessons that can be
easily adapted?

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