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Topic: "Graphing Calculator" Software

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Subject:   addressing link rot
Author: Suzanne Alejandre
Date: Oct 4 2003
Hi Craig,

I was able to access the pages that Gene made reference to and if I backed up a
little to the main Math 100 page:

I could follow the path by selecting "Course Notes" and then if I scrolled down
the page I could get to the links under "Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric

What you have mentioned about link rot, however, is a concern. For Math Tools
we're depending on the users and developers (programmers) to let us know when a
link has changed. So, for example recently Ralph Irons aka Surfin' Sienfeld let
us know that the domain name for his cataloged resources has changed from
"" to ""  and we're making those changes in the
catalog. Receiving communication from developers like Ralph is very helpful!

Please let us know if you still have trouble accessing the pages that Gene
mentioned and we'll see if we can figure out what the problem might be.


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