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Topic: research challenge

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Subject:   research challenge
Author: George
Date: Oct 5 2003
Hello Ihor,
This is great. I'm looking forward to hearing
which applet he uses and how. Are some approaches easier for him to get at? Will
he think of the pan balance as the metaphor for the equation, or will he look at
it as a problem in its own right?

Can't wait to hear more.

On Oct 05, 2003, Ihor wrote:

Hi George,
I'm tutoring my 25 year nephew to try to finally pass a beginning college
algebra class. (He's failed 5 times.) Last week I was showing him with paper and
pencil how to think about solving equations with unknowns on both sides using
the balance beam idea. He was starting to get a glimmer of understanding. I just
forwarded him the java applet you suggested in your pan balance project. I have
a feeling he may have a major breakthrough after this. By the way, this kid who
can't do this kind of algebra is very computer literate and designs webpages in
his spare time.
Best wishes - Ihor

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