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Topic: Software Prototypes and Concepts discussion

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Subject:   Software Prototypes and Concepts discussion
Author: Gene
Date: Oct 28 2003
Welcome to the Software Prototypes and Concepts discussion! Here is what we have
in mind for software users and software developers.

SOFTWARE USERS: The main threads on this list will be posts by software
developers who have works-in-progress for which they'd like feedback. Check
these out, they can be fun and sometimes useful in class. Please give your
response so the developer can make them even better.

   - be careful to respond to the right thread and not start a new topic,

   - EXCEPT if you wish to request entirely new software, in which case DO start
a new topic and use the most descriptive subject line you can come up with! And
do preface it with "REQUEST."

Enjoy yourself-trying brand new ideas can be exciting.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS: We look forward to kicking the fenders of your new
software. It will help if you choose a good subject line which succinctly
indicates its general direction. Also, your message should indicate topics and
the level it addresses. Finally, we hope your posting and/or the page at the url
to your software gives clear indication of how to use it (or at the summit, that
this is transparent to the user).

Best wishes to both users and developers for finding interesting pairings in the
other kind. We have experience that indicates that the best of all software is
produced when developers and users interact!

       Gene, for The Math Forum

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