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Subject:   Integration Applet
Author: Gene
Date: Nov 11 2003
re the applet at

Hi again Leigh,

I tried out Integrate. Here are some comments.
The"Integrate!" button seems to draw the graph and not give the definite
integral, right? Also, what you have underneath the button, "Integral = nnnnnn",
is really  "Approximation = nnnnnn",  right? The pulldown menu options are nice,
as are the linked sliders. The graphs are clear and the colors are nice.

I couldn't figure out how to enter some functions, like e^x, and 1/x didn't give
a graph when 0 was the left endpoint.  What is the selection button on the left
of the last row of the Partitions Adjustments box?

Your help page was useful, but it's enough to have boldface headers (or people
like me will click on the underlines, thinking they're links.) There is a
definite spelling error on the page. Under Graph I don't think you mean "the
steps of the integtral  are drawn in red",  either in what the steps are of or
their color.

All in all, this is a start for something that should be both useful and easy to
use. Keep up the good work!

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