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Topic: middle schoolers
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Subject:   (no subject)
Author: Mark V.
Date: Nov 21 2003
I had fun playing with this applet also. It was very fun trying to buy items and
seeing how much change you can have left over. I think i found my self a new
game to play at home when i am bored.

This problem was very hard for me to work on paper and pencil though. This is
the type of problem i feel you have to do a lot of thinking before you can do it
with paper and pencil.

On Nov 21, 2003, Susan Boone wrote:

This problem was a lot of fun to just click on the figures.  I felt that I may
have 'led the way' by creating screen shots of the images.  Although I tried to
get 'random' data for everyone, I did choose to buy one item for an entire
screen.  Did anyone think about what pictures were used and whether they would
have taken a different problem solving direction I you had started working with
the applet?  This addresses an issue I struggle with often...what do I teach?
(and how?)  I would appreciate your comments regarding this and feel free to add
any others you may have.

If you are interested in viewing the 'print' version, you can access it at this
web site:

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