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Topic: I used the ruler and it worked like a charm
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Subject:   (no subject)
Author: Mark V.
Date: Nov 21 2003
This was a ver simple problem for me to solve using paper and pencil. But i did
have some difficulties, i forgot to measure how long the nails was. I measured
the wrong part of the balloon, so that is why some of my scale i used didnt pop
the balloon.. I used proportions. I measured the diameter of the balloon, and it
was 3/4 of an inch. and then i would measure the width of the gap and convert
that to a fraction of an inch also. and then i would use proportions to solve
for the missing number. that is how i did it. but i also forgot to measure the
nails and how long it was, so my answers were wrong, the applet helped me get
the correction answers because i would jus make the balloon bigger or smaller if
needed from what i had.

On Nov 21, 2003, Susan Boone wrote:

This problem was particularly interesting for me.  I started with the applet and
my math mind kicked in immediately.  The plot thickened however when I had to
decide how to approach this problem using paper/pencil.  Did any of the students
experience the struggle I had figuring out how to approach the problem.
Fortunately, I remembered an old measuring tool once used by all...a ruler!
Each student had a ruler, but I am not sure how it was used.  Would some of you
share your methods?  Is there another way that you could go about solving this
problem paper/pencil without providing too much information?  I am looking
forward to your comments.  If anyone is interested in viewing the 'paper/pencil'
version, you can visit the following

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