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Topic: middle schoolers
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Subject:   RE: Paper Pencil vs. Applet
Author: ..::\\ A L E X //::..
Date: Nov 21 2003
The battle between technology and archaic paper is forever ongoing. You have to
weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each when faced with a given problem.
In this case, paper wast the way to go as you could solve each problem much
quicker without having to waste time using the guess and check method. Using the
data provided, all we had to do was set up a simple system of variables and
equattions in which we just solved for each variable and came up with the answer
to each variable. Now had I decided to use technology, the time in which it
would have taken me to solve the problem might have been greatly lengthened
solely because I would have had to have found a way to input my equations as a
progrma into the computer. This is how paper pencil out-weighed the benefits
of technology in regards to this problem.

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