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Topic: A student on Galatic Exchange.
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Subject:   I lack reasoning skills!
Author: Michelle
Date: Nov 21 2003
As a student lacking reasoning skills I absolutely loathed this problem
especially my attempts to solving it on paper.  I've never been wonderful when
it came to symbols, I always try to get a numerical answer, so this problem
really exploited that weakness.  The applet was fun, but I still didn't like the
problem.  I might have liked it better if it was more realistic. For example
instead of using a fictional planet with a fake currency it would have been cool
if you used a real foreign country with their currency.  If that had happen I
would have immediately seen the value of mastering this problem, and said to
myself "wow, I need to learn this if I want to travel around the world in the
future and know how much I'm spending."

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