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Topic: Action Research -- Balances

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Subject:   balance
Author: kathleen
Date: Nov 24 2003
The two girls who worked on the applet told me after you left that they
really liked playing with the balance and they wanted to come back during
their lunch recess. They came back that day and spent another 20 minutes or
so with the applet. I told them you were a math teacher and that you had
been impressed with their good problem solving and logic skills. I asked
them to explain what they had been doing and they went through the whole
thing again for me. They told me they nearly started to argue about how they
were doing it but decided to work together.
My guess is that you could ask them to explain it again now and they would
still be able to do so. I can not. When I listened to them describing their
process it sounded confusing to me but clearly it was not confusing to them.
It is times like these I know I should not be teaching out of my subject

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