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Topic: Magic Square applet
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Subject:   Magic Square Applet
Author: Jill Britton
Date: Nov 30 2003
The applet will be found in which includes all the
required source files for downloading. It poses no problem for older browsers
and probably works for MACs as well, since Suzanne did not include a
corresponding caution. It fails to inialize with recent versions of Internet
Explorer and Netscape. (Netscape no longer supports a drag and drop feature, so
there is no reason to worry about that browser.) I downloaded a plug-in from
Sun Microsystems that allowed it to run in Internet Explorer 6.0 under Windows
98 - but that is too specialized a use. It needs to be able to run without any
non-traditional plug in's under recent versions of Internet Explorer and for
recent operating systems - like Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Your programmer should be able to run the applet by using an older browser (or a
MAC?). If that is not possible, the web page contains a screen dump. The user
is allowed to select the "level" or "order" of the square - 3, 4 or 5. The
corresponding numbers from "1" the square of the level/order appear alongside.
The default level is 3. Numbers can be dragged and dropped into the grid as the
row, column & diagonal sums are adjusted accordingly. When one is successful,
"It's a Magic Square!" appears across the applet. It would be terrific if the
level options could include 7 to allow the user to test his/her understanding of
de la Loubere's diagonal method for odd level/order magic squares - but that is
frosting on the cake. In any event, level 6 should NOT be included. (The even
level/order 4 is bad enough.)

I could e-mail several screen dumps for your programmer if you wish.

Many thanks.


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