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Subject:   RE: math track fixed
Author: Suzanne Alejandre
Date: Dec 12 2003
Dear Sharon,

As or after you've used this tool with the junior high tutorial program, we've
love to hear your thoughts about how it went. Feel free to post them here or if
you'd like to turn them into a "story" feel free to use this link:

One of the ideas that we're interested in developing is a collection of
anecdotal stories that are written by teachers as they find tools and have
success (or failure) in using them with students. How were they used? What was
the setting? Were there things you did that made the use of technology more
successful? Or what didn't work? What went wrong that you wish you could figure
out how to improve?

As teachers fill in the "write a story" form a web page is automatically
generated and then we'll catalog it in Math Tools and link it to the tool. If
you have questions, feel free to write to me off list at
or post your question here on the Discussion and I'll respond.

Thank you!

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