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Topic: Using "Explore inverse of a function"
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Subject:   Using "Explore inverse of a function"
Author: Julee
Date: Jan 26 2004
This tool has a nice discussion of what inverses are but as a teacher
introducing inverses there are some aspects that I would change.  I would want
my students to visually discover the reflective nature of functions and their
inverses.  The program has the line of reflection already drawn in.  

I also think it would be nice if the original function could be shown
independently of the inverse so that students can practice drawing what the
inverse will look like and then press a button to display the function.  Some
have a very difficult time visualizing the reflection.

I wish the function being graphed could be displayed in larger font in textbook
notation rather than computer notation.  I think that students would have a
difficult time conjecturing about what changes will occur in its current form.

Also, my experience has been that inverses of functions is typically an Algebra
II topic, particulary when the program is exploring shifts and stretches.
Freshman algebra students have difficulty visualizing and performing such shifts
on quadratics.  

I think the discussion of domains and ranges for functions and their inverses
would definitely be facilitated by using this tool.  

Julee Lee

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