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Topic: Fraction Track
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Subject:   Re: Fraction Track
Author: Suzanne Alejandre
Date: Jan 27 2004
Hi Jeanette,

Your description of Fraction Track prompted me to go try it to see if I could
figure out anything that might help you see the benefits of using this tool.

I must admit that I started playing before reading the paragraph of instructions
provided above the applet. After interacting with it for a minute or two, I went
back and read the directions. I saw the direction to use the "Finish Move"
button when one player had attempted to put markers on fractions that added to
the displayed fraction.

I purposefully marked one incorrect and when I selected "Finish Move" the large
blue circle stayed on the fraction where I'd placed it and the triangle didn't
move to the other player. (In other words it was quietly telling me that I was
wrong - I couldn't continue playing the game until I changed something.)

There is an option to "pass" which can be used if there is no move apparent to
the player and that allows that player to give up their turn and the other
player can try.

In thinking about having students use this, I think that one thing is that they
wouldn't feel like they were "losing" if they just investigated what happened in
combining (adding) different fractions. There's no score and there's no big sign
saying  "you're wrong!" Once kids realize the subtle clue that they're wrong, I
don't think they'd have trouble realizing how the game works.

Does that help?

Did you also see the link to "The Role of the Teacher," "Communication among
Students," and "Reflecting on Practice"? The video clips are interesting.


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