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Topic: traditional vs. nontraditional classroom

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Subject:   homeschooling
Author: George
Date: Jan 29 2004
Wow, a lot of issues there. But I'm not sure what you mean by models? You mean
computer models of different types of school environments? That would be quite

I think parents homeschool for the reasons you say, to protect their kids or
perhaps to give them advantages. There are religious homeschoolers who want to
make sure their kids have a certain moral upbringing they wouldn't get in the
public schools. There are also academic homeschoolers who believe they can give
their own children better attention and success than the public schools.

There are many caring teachers in the public schools. I find them in all the
schools I a visit and all the ones I have worked at. They deal with a wide range
of kids, more and more of whom are very needy in many different ways, and they
have limited time to deal with the needs of any one child.

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