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Topic: Arithmetic Four
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Subject:   Arithmetic Four
Author: MikeE
Date: Jan 31 2004
I could see how this applet would get use in a classroom.  It contains the math
fundaments that teachers are hoping students make meaningful and combines it
with health doses of strategy and competition.  

I found myself using a pencil and paper at times for some of the problems with
the 20 second clock.  It becomes clear that accuracy is just as important as
swiftness.  You hate to miss a problem because you lose the opportunity to place
a piece on the board.  In this standardized test generation, these attributes
are quite important.

One aspect I would like incorporated would be addition and subtraction with
larger whole numbers.  1 or 2 of those seem to creep into computation sections
of standardized tests.  I think it would be beneficial to include rational
number problems involving decimals and fractions.  Those skills are
underutilized in some curriculums.  Yet they always appear in multiple forms on
standardized tests (6-8).  These skills would also provide a greater challenge
to the game.

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