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Topic: Count Us in
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Subject:   Count Us in
Author: Jeanette
Date: Jan 31 2004
This game is incredibly cute.  I love how there are so many different "types" of
people to choose from and they are not just the stereotypical caucasian male

The only problem I seemed to have with this game was actually putting the kids
in the bus.  At one point, I stuck all of them in the bus when it asked for ten
people, but the counter only counted 5 of them.  I then realized that the kids
were not properly placed in each space of the bus.  Interesting!  It's almost
like real life, since the bus driver cannot drive until each student is properly
seated.  But I think it's important that if you use this as a teaching tool, you
must tell students that each kid must be properly seated.  

Did you all find a trick in sticking these kids in their seats?  It honestly
took several tries for me to seat them correctly!  Strange.


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