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Subject:   Re: Geometer's Sketchpad
Author: Annie Fetter
Date: Feb 3 2004
Hi, Chris.  I'm not sure what age students you're working with, but here are a
couple of ideas.  Mike Riedy is a high school teacher (I'm pretty sure) who
wrote a number of GSP introductory labs that we host on our site.  If you search
for his name in MathTools, you'll find them.  The main one that might interest
you is

It includes introductions to the basics of Sketchpad.  While it's written for
version 3 of the program, most of it is exactly the same in version 4.

If you are working with younger students, the Middle School Activities book put
out by Key starts with a set of Tours designed to introduce students to the
tools, some of the menus, and the basics of things like animation (which is very
appealing to students!).

Good luck!


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